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TABLA bellydance offer several different types of workshops. Below are a small sample of what we can offer you, there are many more workshop topics available. We are happy to tailor a workshop to suit your needs.



These fun workshops are great for community and corporate groups. Do something different for your next planning day, or treat your group to an activity that will get them moving. These workshops are suitable for mixed groups as well as women-only groups.

Workshops run for between 30 and 60 minutes with content varying depending upon time available. We recommend 45-60 minute workshop to ensure all participant have time to relax and really enjoy the session.


30 min Workshop: Minimum Cost $100 (up to 15 participants) or $7/per participant (for 16+ participants).

45 min Workshop: Minimum Cost $125 (up to 15 participants) or $8.50/per participant (for 16+ participants).

60 min Workshop: Minimum Cost $150 (up to 15 participants) or $10/per participant (for 16+ participants)


These workshops can be added to Festival performance packages, allowing festival-goers to engage in the music and dance styles displayed.

BELLYDANCE FOR BEGINNERS: An introduction to basic bellydance movements, combined into a fun & easy choreography. (30-60min)

ARABIC RHYTHMS: No instruments required (though they are welcome), bring along your hands & feet, a cup & spoon, or something to bang on, and learn some basic arabic rhythms.

SCARF DANCE (BELLYDANCE): Bring along a scarf, shawl or large piece of fabric and learn some fun veil and scarf dance movement. (Some veils will be available for participant use).

Other workshops in various styles are also available. Please contact us (below) to tailor a workshop to your event.

WORKSHOP FEES: are negotiable with a performance package.


These workshops are more suited to intermediate/advanced bellydance groups or schools.

CHOREOGRAPHING AS A GROUP: TABLA bellydance create the vast majority of their repertoire as a group. This two hour workshop will allow participants to be mentored through the group-created choreography process, giving them the tools and confidence to create new works, explore bellydance and really get creative.

IMPROVISATION: Gain skills, technique and tools to turn improvisation from a nervous to a joyful experience. This workshop can be run with live or pre-recorded music, depending on where the desired focus should be.

REPERTOIRE: Please contact us regarding the specific piece(s) you wish to workshop. Please note that not all of the TABLA bellydance repertoire is available to be taught.

WORKSHOP FEES: Start at $200/two hour workshop + travel costs.


A clean and safe dance space. Rocky or uneven surfaces are not safe to dance on.
Expected participant numbers.
Access to power and/or a PA System suited to the size of venue.


Send us a message here or email us if you're interested in having TABLA bellydance at your next event.

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