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TABLA bellydance

The TABLA bellydance Journey


2006-2007 - Peacock

TABLA emerged from the performance troupe "Daughters of the Peacock Padishah" based at Peacock Studio after its closure at the end of 2006. Most of the original members of the Troupe, with between 6 and 10 years of bellydancing experience under their hip scarf, had been exploring bellydance together for 18 months.

At this stage, TABLA retained a very traditional focus, but dances such as "Jo is Legendary" demonstrated where the troupe would eventually be headed.

The original line up of TALBLA bellydance: Johari, Samina, Megan, Tamar, Basimah, Nuzah & Zohra.


2007-2008 - A TABLA Full of Coins

This tour saw a change in the troupe line up, with the addition of Shakila - who had danced previously with Zohra bint Razil & Samina Amar in 'Kahi Hiomi: women of the Earth', and the departure of Nuzah.

This was a time of development for the TABLA bellydance troupe - both in repertoire and style. TABLA bellydance played with fusion of traditional dance styles to modern music, enjoying the shift in mood, and the freedom of expression that this fusion created. An air of humour began to creep in, which was appreciated by dancers & audiences alike.


2008-2009 - Red Hot Folk

The Red Hot Folk Tour marked the beginning of TABLA's move away from primarily "traditional" styles to further exploration of bellydance to deep bass, driving rhythms and a little bit of comedy.

With choreographies such as Gasolina Hagallah, Shisha Baladi, Miskatonic Taqsim and Boombastic Melaya, TABLA began to establish itself as a troupe who were serious about dance, but who didn't take themselves too seriously.

TABLA's line up expanded during this time with the addition of Salome, Inara Suri, Daluna and Opaluna Zephyr. Each brought their own unique elements to the melting pot of the Red Hot Folk Tour.


2009-2010 - HeartBeat Tour

This tour brought the beat back to TABLA bellydance with the addition of Richard Lesze to the troupe as resident percussionist. The addition of live music & improvisation brought back to the troupe a more traditional repertoire, though they continued to experiment with folkloric fusion themes.

The National Folk Festival performance gave TABLA the opportunity to work with another bellydance group in Canberra, Spellbound Bellydance, to present a "bellydance through the ages" stage show highlighting bellydance from traditional through to industrial fusion.


2010-2012 - World Tour

This tour saw TABLA experimenting with world music from Greece, to the Wild West, travelling on a pirate ship made from veils (see the photos!)

The tour was extended to include the National Folk Festival which saw a combination of live improvisation and choreographed numbers, something the troupe continued to expand upon in the subsequent Wandering Gypsy Tour.

The troupe farewelled Johari, Salome and Opaluna Zephyr, and welcomed Hadeeqa to the line up.


2012-2014 - Wandering Gypsy Tour

The Wandering Gypsy Tour saw a return to the traditional, with Ghawazee-Gypsy styled dances and more live improvisation. Many of the dancers expanded their repertoire, learning to play arabic rhythms in order to accompany each other on various percussive instruments.

One of the biggest highlights of this tour was our involvement in the Silk Road Exhibition at the National Museum of Australia. With TABLA performing at both at the Family Day and at the completely packed out Night Markets.


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