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TABLA bellydance are a semi-professional drum (music) & dance troupe. In real-life terms this means that we take our troupe seriously, but it's not a full-time job.


You are expected to have your own instrument(s), enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things.

You are expected to come to as many rehearsal sessions as possible. Non-attendance due to illness, family matters, or similar is understandable. We meet for 2 and a half hours each week for technique, choreography creation and rehearsal. Before performances there are often additional rehearsals that performing musicians are expected to attend. You will also be expected to practice in your own time, and are encouraged take classes and attend as many workshops as you can.

Our rehearsal sessions generally begin with 30 minutes of percussion technique and practice. This is where we learn new rhythms, practice "old" ones and learn to play together. Our aim is to be able to improvise for dancers. This does not rule out the creation of pieces to be choreographed on, or improvised to.

Later in the rehearsal we spend another 20-30 minutes in improvisation practice. This does mean "hanging out" for around an hour in between, there is space to move to another area to practice drumming/music whilst the dancers focus on their dance technique and choreography creation. However, observation of technique and choreography can assist in developing skills required to play for dancers, so it can be time well spent.

Musicians will be expected to organise their own costuming, a simple Galabeya works well. We are happy to assist in the making or sourcing of galabeyas for musicians. All members contribute financially to the hire of rehearsal space and insurance costs.


The opportunity to be a part of a creative troupe, performing a traditional repertoire of live music. Explore improvisation, and collaborate on creating live music and dance pieces.

Send us a message here or email us if you're interested in joining us!



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