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TABLA bellydance are a semi-professional dance troupe. In real-life terms this means that we take our dancing seriously, but it's not a full-time job.


The vast majority of work that is performed by TABLA is also created collectively by TABLA. Dancers who wish to become part of the troupe are expected to contribute to the choreographic process. This doesn't mean you have to be an expert choreographer or be an expert in all the various styles and props associated with bellydance. What it does mean is that you will make suggestions, give constructive feedback (ie: "I don't think that works because ..."), research, listen, learn and participate.

Dancers are expected to either have experience with improvisation or be willing to learn. TABLA use a great deal of improvisation in performance, generally to live, improvised music. This is a challenging, but very rewarding, experience.

Dancers will be expected to organise their own costuming. You will be given assistance to make costumes that need making. The troupe has a few different costumes that are used interchangeably, and a few "spares" that can be loaned out on occassion. However, you will be expected to eventually have all of those costumes, which will probably cost you a bit of money, and a fair bit of time.

All members contribute financially to the hire of rehearsal space and insurance costs. We meet for 2 and a half hours each week for technique, choreography creation and rehearsal. Before performances there are often additional rehearsals that dancers are expected to attend. You will also be expected to practice in your own time, and are encouraged to continue in classes with any (or many) of the bellydance teachers in Canberra, and attend as many workshops as you can.


The opportunity to explore bellydance, from traditional to fusion styling. TABLA are a creative bellydance troupe. Whilst we do have a traditional repertiore, we do not restrict ourselves during choreography creation to the "tried & true". You can expect to be involved in the creation of choreographies that use theatrical elements, quirky combinations and not-so-traditional spins on traditional dances. Being part of TABLA is an opportunity to stretch your bellydance wings and challenge yourself.

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