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Johari Anadil

Johari means ‘jewel’, and her dance certainly sparkles. She began her adventures in bellydance with DrumDance Bellydance in 1999, learning a fusion of Egyptian folkloric and American Tribal styles, and developing a passion for traditional folkloric bellydance. Her natural ability and instinctive talent has seen her blend traditional bellydance with other dance forms and musical genres, creating electrifying choreographies and performances.

Johari was a founding member of TABLA bellydance and was integral in the development of the troupe's style and much of its repertoire. Johari now shines her light in southern Queensland.


PHOTO: Tracy Lee Photography
PHOTO: Tracy Lee Photography



1. What do you love about Bellydance?
The social nature of bellydance; the inclusiveness as it's not restricted to any age, shape, size or fitness level, the groundedness and the being "in the moment" it provides.
2. If you had time to learn another dance style, what would it be?
Perhaps some Latin dancing (who can argue with dancing with a man who knows how to long as it's the right man!)
3. What has been the most challenging movement for you to learn in bellydance?
Flutter...after so much time I still have never managed to get that one right -_-
4. If you could have a private bellydance lesson from anyone in the world, who would you choose?
Tough question....there are so many to choose from....can I just have·one lesson from them all?
5. What is your favourite piece from the TABLA bellydance repertoire and why?
First love will always be Legendary, such high energy and always gets a wonderful response from the audience, but I also adore some of the taxims with their intense contained energy as a counterpoint.
6. What advice would you give to someone who is new to bellydance or is thinking of getting into bellydance?
Have fun with it and don't give up, you might feel silly when first starting out or trying out a new move, but it does come to you.
7. What is one essential item you keep in your dance bag?
A Hip scarf or 2...or 3...
And now for the serious questions:
8. If you could only eat two foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Stone fruit, and bacon and eggs on toasted sourdough (does that count as 1 or 3?)
9. If you were marooned on a desert island (with a plentiful food source), what three things would you want with you?
Bed complete with mosquito net (who needs to be eaten alive while they sleep?), sunscreen and...I'm going to leave my options open for a 3rd item ;)
10. Sweet or Savoury? Day or night? Top Bunk or Bottom Bunk? Driver or Passenger? Pirates or Ninjas?
Savoury. Day. Bottom bunk. Driver. Pirates.



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