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Daluna has been dancing in the folkloric style since 1996, and has performed with two of Canberra's prominent folkloric troupes, The Roving Raqs Sharqis and Rahbani. She has a passion for dance, and continually seeks to expand her repertoire and experience, most recently performing with Modern Gypsy Dance. A joyful dancer, Daluna is a lively, effervescent and genuinely spirited performer.

When she’s not on the stage, she’s behind the camera at Tracy Lee Photography.


PHOTO: Tracy Lee Photography
PHOTO: Tracy Lee Photography



1. What do you love about Bellydance?
The movement and connection between dancer and audience. I get to twirl a lot too with big skirts on!
2. If you had time to learn another dance style, what would it be?
I love the high energy of African dancing. The first time I did it, I danced for an hour non-stop and got major blister action on my big toes (note to self- wear band-aids when first learning African dance).
3. What has been the most challenging movement for you to learn in bellydance?
I think general arm movements in my earlier dance days. They tend to be forgotten when you are first learning and sloppy arm/hand technique can draw attention away from the core movement or ruin the overall effect. There's an art in beautiful, controlled arms that are fluid and complement the dance. It's much harder to nail it than you might think. It's something I am very conscientious of still today. The true masters of belly dance make it look so graceful and harmonious with overall body movement.
4. If you could have a private bellydance lesson from anyone in the world, who would you choose?
….hit a blank- will get back to you Sam
5. What is your favourite piece from the TABLA bellydance repertoire and why?
That's a hard one! Um...... Shisha Baladi, it's a lovely piece that was always a joy to perform. Then there's gasolina that is a real crowd pleaser. It's high in energy, funk and fun. I think people who are not familiar with belly dance or have big misconceptions about what it entails can instantly connect in some way when they see a piece performed to music they have heard before. I have also had many people tell me they come to see Tabla hoping we perform it. It's an oldie but a goodie to pull from the archives.
6. What advice would you give to someone who is new to bellydance or is thinking of getting into bellydance?
Always keep learning, watch video of yourself to learn your strengths and areas to work on, learn to relax and enjoy performance (otherwise it will show on your face if you are terrified being up in front of an audience), learn from someone who can teach good technique (be able to break it down and explain it well) and has a deep understanding and respect for the dance form. There are many "teachers of dance" out there but only a few who are really qualified to teach it respectfully and safely.
7. What is one essential item you keep in your dance bag?
Safety pins.
And for the serious questions:
8. If you could only eat two foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Sushi and vegemite toast (on sour dough with real butter- hey it’s the only food left so I have to be specific).
9. If you were marooned on a desert island (with a plentiful food source), what three things would you want with you?
My dog George, my partner Mr.M and MacGyver (he can build me anything I need using coconut husks, human hair and seaweed).
10. Sweet or Savoury? Day or night? Top Bunk or Bottom Bunk? Driver or Passenger? Pirates or Ninjas?
Savoury- one word CHEESE. Day – because I really need more Vitamin D & that’s the sun’s job.  Top- because it’s more fun pretending to be Wonder Women & jumping off the top bunk over the bottom one. Drive- it’s a control thing, I’m working on it :) Ninja – because Google (the source of all truth) told me that Pirates fight unorthodoxly, using anything at their disposal including, rope, rum bottles & dead pirates. A Ninja would never do that.




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